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The Average Face
I was asked if I could do a face tutorial and here it is. This is my first attempt at a tutorial, so sorry if it sucks and if my handwriting is a little sloppy (I'm not used to writing on a tablet).

I first start my face with a circle, a line down the middle, and then two symmetrical curved lines that form the false end of the chin. Then I move onto everything else.

Explanation of the lines!
False chin line: where the line will meet up (no real chin is that pointy)
True chin line: slightly above where the false chin is (where the chin will curve to)
Eye line: about halfway down the face from the top to the true chin line (The eyes will rest on top of this)
Hair line: about halfway between the eye line and top of the forehead (where hair begins)
Eyebrow/ear-top line: about halfway between the hair and eye lines (where the eyebrows and top of the ear lies)
Nose line: about half way between the eye and true chin line (where the end of the nose is)
Mouth/Ear-bottom line: about a third of the way between the nose and true chin line (where the mouth and bottom of the ears are)
Eyes (not drawn): eyes are about an eye-length apart from one another which is also about how wide an average nose is
Mouth edge lines: the mouth will end usually on the halfway point of each eye

Hope this all helps!
A Beautiful Sunset
So... I haven't posted in awhile, but I finally have free time so I'm going to take this weekend to post a few things that I've been meaning to!

This here is something that I did over thewhole summer last year. It's a watercolor piece that made using the the same four characters from before.

I hope you enjoy!
Squid Boi
School just started, so I'll beposting less frequently, but here's some concept art for a Squid thing I'm made for my Animation class! The assignment is to do a walk cycle with a background, so I'll probably be showing that when I finish!
Walking Along
Heeeey, a drawing of actual characters with a story-ish-thing attached to them! I've had these characters for SEVERAL years, so I guess you could say I'm pretty fond of them. You might notice the style's a bit different from my other stuff, and that's cause this is more my animation-simplified style.

I drew the line work with pen and paper, then scanned it and finished the coloring in Sai.

Hope you enjoy!

Characters and some info about them(If, in case you cared)

Aradite (in red): 19 year old girl who possesses a flame sword (not shown). Shes very strong, and outgoing with the constant need to prove herself.

Zackeus (in blue): also 19 as he is Aradite's twin brother (who just so happens to have an ice staff) Get it fire and ice very original I know He's a lot more reserved than his sister but is just as passionate.

Val (in green): Hey, its my profile pic This dude is 23 and is a for-hire adventurer. Basically jobless He speaks his mind which gets him into trouble and is just around to have a good time. He also is the owner of the bird (named Pip) in whom he loves.

Rowan (in purple): At 30 years old, he's the oldest of the group, and because hes the only one with a real job, (he's a merchant) he actually has money. He's very charismatic and crafty person who likes to help out. The old horse (no name yet) is his.

There's obviously a LOT more to these guys, but I didn't want to clutter this description. If you have any questions, just ask!
A flower lady!

This was another thing for school. I had to take three random things (I chose fabric, metal, and a sunflower) and combine it. I chose to make it a character because I absolutely LOVE character design (so you'll probably see more of that in the future! I like how this one turned out, especially with the pencil and watercolor both used for shading.

As always, enjoy!!


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